Friday, May 12, 2017

The Weekender

The Weekender

It's May. Can you believe that? I swear it was just March. Time is going by so fast, its messing with my head! But hey, at least its the weekend. We hav another busy weekend ahead of us. I'm getting real sick of responsibilities, honestly is retiring from adult-hood a thing? If it is count me in. Adulting can suck it. 

This is my go-to outfit for busy weekends. Stylish but comfy. I love to wear heels, I wear them daily for work but I am not about to jack up my feet with all the walking around I am about to do so, booties! Booties all the day! Trust me they will save your feet with the thicker heel and  your outfit will still look put together. Plus, since they are claiming that its May now we are running out of time to wear them. These jeans fit like a dream, and the tee is light and airy so even if its warm you are still good to go. Your face may melt but hey, at least your outfit is on point. I mean come on, that's truly all that matters. 

Don't forget your long champ bag! If you're like me you will need a big ass bag for all the shit you buy! Good buy paycheck, hello Sephora. 

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