Friday, July 11, 2014

Trying the Trend // July 2014

Trying the Trend

I have read // watched so many beauty bloggers making their very own monthly beauty buck lists&&
 Damn it I want to do it too! So here is my spin on Tying the Trend! 
Every month I am going to give my self a few trending items to try
&& step out of my little neutral comfort zone!!
At the end of the month I will  post a recap of everything Ive tried and my thoughts.
 Or you can follow me on // Instagram // && see all the different ways I am styling the trends!

 I am also thinking about possibly doing a giveaway at the end with the trend that I loved the most :) 

Trending Items for July:
1. 3D nails ... Bring on the spikes.
2. Orange lips

3. Ombre' Hair
 ^I did this last night, and it turned out AWESOME!^
Pictures to come

4. White on White
5. Neon Nails

You should try them too Just #tryingthetrend

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